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Concrete admixture - Water reducer - Super plasticizer. Melflux

Concrete admixture-Water reducer-Super plasticizer High-performance superplasticizer for cement based construction materials GlobMarble super plasticizer is especially optimized for plastification and water reduction of cementitious construction materials. Super plasticizer provides an excel

Powdered Polymer 1210 Dry - Buddy Rhodes Concrete Products

Powdered Polymer 1210 is a dry powdered polymer specifically developed for use in high performance concrete. Much like the Liquid Polymer Plus, the 1210 optimizes cement hydration throughout the curing process, increasing density, flexural strength, color fastness, and overall durability of the finished concrete.

Effects of the Molecular Weight and Concentration of Polymer

The difference in crystal density alone cannot explain the large difference in the melt crystallization rate between the two forms. Polymer excipients retard the melt crystallization of both forms possibly by reducing molecular mobility and augmenting the crystal−melt interfacial energy.

High-Range Water Reducer - an overview

In a study of the behavior of fresh concrete containing conventional water reducers and high-range water reducer, found that with time slump loss is very rapid in spite of the fact that second-generation high-range water reducers are claimed not to suffer as much from the slump loss phenomenon as the first-generation conventional water reducers do.

Sika® ViscoCrete®-225 Powder

Sika ViscoCrete 225 Powder may be used in a variety of concrete applications but is especially suited for the production of mortar and concrete dry mix. Sika ViscoCrete 225 Powder facilitates extreme water reduction, excellent flowability, optimal cohesion, and promotes excellent self compacting behavior.

Chemical Admixtures for Concrete

Type A: Water Reducing Admixtures These admixtures reduce the quantity of mixing water required to produce concrete of a given consistency. Pre-Approved Water Reducing Admixtures (Type A) Product Dosage in mL per 100 kg (oz. per 100 lb.) of Cement Approx. % Solids (for mix design) Producer Producer Code Adva 140M 390 to 1300 (6 to 20) 16

Shrinkage Reducing Additives

Shrinkage-reducing additives (SRA) can significantly decrease both the early and long-term drying shrinkage of concrete and mortar. This is achieved by counteracting the cause of drying shrinkage within the capillaries and pores of the cement paste by reducing capillary tension within the pore water which helps reduce both plastic and drying shrinkage of concrete and mortar by up to 50%

Effect of Welan Gum-High-Range Water Reducer

Effect of Welan Gum-High-Range Water Reducer Combinations on Rheology of Cement Grout by K. H. Khayat and A. Yahia Polysaccharides are high-molecular weight, water-soluble organic polymers which ...

Concrete admixture - Water reducer

Concrete admixture-Water reducer-Super plasticizer High-performance superplasticizer for cement based construction materials GlobMarble super plasticizer is especially optimized for plastification and water reduction of cementitious construction materials. Super plasticizer provides an excel

Admixtures and Additives | Sika Canada Inc

Bonding slurry additive. Improves adhesion of cement mortars and concrete. Admixture designed to improve physical properties of cement mortars and concrete. For structural repairs to buildings, roadways, bridges, floors, tanks, etc. Characteristics and Advantages. Improves adhesion. Increases density; lowers permeability.

List of Global Admixture Companies

superplasticizers, water reducing admixture, concrete admixture, high range water reducer. Address:No4666 zhaode road Weifang Shandong China Qingdao Hongsha Polymer Materials Co., Ltd.

Micronized Polymer Anti-Skid Additive (32 oz.)

Anti-Skid Additive for Topical Concrete Sealers & Coatings Product Description. This anti-skid additive is a micronized polymer specially designed for added grip and fine texturing in both water and solvent based acrylic concrete sealers and coatings.

Products | Concrete Additives, Curing and Repair

Concrete Additives, Curing and Repair Stenkim aims that cover all special needs and demands of construction sector with own R&D and high-tech invetsments and knowledge. Stenkim produces concrete repair and maintenance ...

(PDF) Application of polymer admixtures to modify concrete

Application of polymer admixtures to modify concrete properties: Effects of polymer type and content ... reducing the concrete water . ... of using both polymer and metakaolin additives together ...

Polgen polymer additive for Foam concrete | CLC

Since the foam has a concrete cell structure, the shrinkage cracks which occur during the drying process of the concrete deteriorate the concrete structure. The Polymers are improving the weak tensile and shrinkage strength in foam concrete cellular. Uses of POLGEN in Foam Concrete. Mix in mortar water as %0,3 - %0,7 of cement weight.

Additives & Fillers

Additives & Fillers A wide variety of additives and modifier ingredients can be used to expand the usefulness of polymers, enhance their processability or extend product durability. Although additives are generally used in relatively low quantity by weight compared to resins, reinforcements and fillers, they perform critical functions.

Polymers for Water Clarification - treating water and wastewater

The haze can best be eliminated and more uniform coagulation obtained by using more dilution water with polymer solution prior to application and by using multiple addition points to provide more rapid distribution of the large polymer molecules throughout the water that is being treated.

Asphalt Additives

Innovative additive solutions for road pavement construction. Our range of asphalt additive products are the result of various collaborations with a number of the worlds leading road and construction material innovators, to provide a portfolio of innovative solutions for the road building and construction industries.

High Range Water Reducing Admixture for Concrete

High range water reducing admixture reduces the quantity of mixing water required to produce concrete of a given consistency by 12 % or greater, as per ASTM C 494- C 494M. It is capable of producing great water reduction, great flowability, or both. High range water reducing admixture can reduce the water-cement ratio while maintaining […]

Mid-Range Water-Reducing Admixture

Compressive Strength: Concrete produced with MasterPolyheed 1025 admixture achieves higher compressive strength at later ages compared to plain concrete and concrete mixtures produced with a typical mid-range water-reducing admixture. Description MasterPolyheed 1025 admixture is a patent pending ready-to-use mid-range water-reducing admixture.


Water reducing Concrete Admixture for construction added to concrete mixtures to improve workability. SUREMIX N A Modified Sulfonated Napthalene Formaldehydrate Based Superplastisisers added to concrete mixtures to improve workability and water reductions.


COSTAMIX 200 is a SNF based, high ranged water reducer specially formulated to improve workability, durability and also reduces permeability. Whilst still improving the plastic and hardened properties of the concrete, mix designs ...


This method of mix proportioning is especially popular when producing high-strength concrete and fiber-reinforced concrete. Adding 1-2% plasticizer per unit weight of cement is usually sufficient. Adding an excessive amount of

China Concrete Admixture manufacturer, Concrete Additive

Mar 30, 2014 · China Concrete Admixture supplier, Concrete Additive, Water Reducer Manufacturers/ Suppliers - Shangrao Tianjia New Materials Co., Ltd.

Water Reducing Admixtures - Super Concrete Plasticizers

Water Reducing Admixtures for Concrete are especially formulated by a team of experts. These are organic plasticizers based on poly carboxylic ether polymer, which is known for improving the workability of concrete by reducing water requirement. Our product range is used to make the concrete stronger.

Report on Concrete Admixtures for Waterproofing Construction

retarding admixtures are water reducing; therefore retarding and water-reducing admixtures are often in the same category. Reduction of water in concrete results in an increase of strength and improvement on permeability. It is most widely used for water retaining structures.

Chemical Admixtures - Portland Cement Association

Water-reducing admixtures usually reduce the required water content for a concrete mixture by about 5 to 10 percent. Consequently, concrete containing a water-reducing admixture needs less water to reach a required slump than untreated concrete. The treated concrete can have a lower water-cement ratio.

Concrete Admixtures - Hydraproof (Additive for Concrete

Manufacturer of Concrete Admixtures - Hydraproof (Additive for Concrete), Superplasticizer for Cement, Integral Waterproofing Liquid and Liquid Mortar Plasticizer For Cement Sand Plaster offered by Krishna Concare Private Limited, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Cement & Concrete Admixtures Suppliers

Manufacturer of cement & concrete admixtures with chemical and environmental corrosion resistance. Engineering, designing, repairing, restoration, building and construction industries served. Used in water reducers, plasticizers, shrinkage controlling, curing compounds, strength gainer and impermeability performing agents. NSF approved. Made in ...

Types of Chemical Admixtures

Different types of chemical admixtures with information on additives that can be added to concete to control air content, water content, corrosion, shrinkage control, alkali-silica reactivity, and coloring.

Concrete,Mortar & Admixtures

View reliable Concrete,Mortar & Admixtures manufacturers on This category presents Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose, HPMC, from China Concrete,Mortar & Admixtures suppliers to global buyers.

Effects of Shrinkage Reducing Agent and Expansive Additive on

The expansive additives (EX) generally help reducing the shrinkage due to many different factors, for example, the enlargement from water absorption and the forming of the pore and crystal structure in the process of hydration reaction . The SRA and EX can be simply added during the mixing process requiring no additional equipment.

Polycarboxylate Superplasticizer (PCE) For Concrete

1. High Water Reduction. PCE water reducer is a ready-to-use liquid superplasticizer. It is light yellow in appearance. Besides, it can be completely water easily. The water reduction efficiency of pce concrete admixture can be up to 25%.

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